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    Research roundup: Hysteresis; reflective roof coating; optimizing energy balance of nearly zero energy buildings; more

    Ben Welter - Monday, August 31, 2020

    From Journal of Molecular Liquids:

    The research progress on phase change hysteresis affecting the thermal characteristics of PCMs: A review

    From Journal of Building Engineering:

    Thermal behavior of a phase change material in a building roof with and without reflective coating in a warm humid zone

    From Renewable Energy:

    A comprehensive study on thermal storage characteristics of nano-CeO2 embedded phase change material and its influence on the performance of evacuated tube solar water heater

    From Sustainable Cities and Society:

    Numerical analysis of phase change materials for optimizing the energy balance of a nearly zero energy building

    From Journal of Energy Storage:

    Multi-objective optimization of cooling and heating loads in residential buildings integrated with phase change materials using the artificial neural network and genetic algorithm
    Assessing corrosive behaviour of commercial phase change materials in the 21–25 ºC temperature range
    Exergy and economic analyses of nanoparticle-enriched phase change material in an air heat exchanger for cooling of residential buildings
    Experimental and numerical investigation on enhancing heat transfer performance of a phase change thermal storage tank
    The effect of ultraviolet coating on containment and fire hazards of phase change materials impregnated wood structure

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Application of granular materials for void space reduction within packed bed thermal energy storage system filled with macro-encapsulated phase change materials

    From Chemical Engineering Journal:

    Simultaneous solar-thermal energy harvesting and storage via shape stabilized salt hydrate phase change material

    From Solar Energy:

    Characterization and cooling effect of a novel cement-based composite phase change material
    Effect of polymer-derived silicon carbonitride on thermal performances of polyethylene glycol based composite phase change materials

    From Case Studies in Thermal Engineering:

    Effect of porosity and pore density of copper foam on thermal performance of the paraffin-copper foam composite Phase-Change Material

    From Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews:

    A critical assessment on synergistic improvement in PCM based thermal batteries

    From Journal of Energy Resources Technology:

    Experimental Analysis of Salt Hydrate Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System With Porous Aluminum Fabric and Salt Hydrate as Phase Change Material With Enhanced Stability and Supercooling

    From Energy Sources:

    Experimental study on thermal management and performance improvement of solar PV panel cooling using form stable phase change material
    Experimental investigation of thermal performance of indirect mode solar dryer with phase change material for banana slices

    From Aalto University:

    Experimental design and investigation on a thermal energy storage system using phase change materials [thesis]

    From Journal of Applied Physics:

    Development of eco-sustainable plasters with thermal energy storage capability

    From Chemical Engineering Transactions:

    Thermal Performance of Phase Change Material Wallboard with Typical Structure: Artificial Controlled Condition Experimental Investigation

    From Materials Research Express:

    Fabrication of thermal energy storage wood based on graphene aerogel encapsulated polyethylene glycol as phase change material
    Preparation and characterization of acrylic resin encapsulated n-dodecanol microcapsule phase change material

    From ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering:

    Synthesis and Characterization of Fatty Acid Amides from Commercial Vegetable Oils and Primary Alkyl Amines for Phase Change Material Applications

    From Carbohydrate Polymers:

    Fibrous form-stable phase change materials with high thermal conductivity fabricated by interfacial polyelectrolyte complex spinning

    From Materials Today: Proceedings:

    Effect of various phase change materials (paraffin wax/hydrogenated vegetable oil) packed in a fabricated shell and tube type heat exchanger

    From Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells:

    Composite phase change materials with heat transfer self-enhancement for thermal energy storage
    Novel network structural PEG/PAA/SiO2 composite phase change materials with strong shape stability for storing thermal energy

    From International Journal of Refrigeration:

    Improving the performance of household refrigerating appliances through the integration of phase change materials in the context of the new global refrigerator standard IEC 62552:2015

    From Advances in Colloid and Interface Science:

    Nanoencapsulation of phase change materials (PCMs) and their applications in various fields for energy storage and management

    From Building and Environment:

    Space heating performance of novel ventilated mortar blocks integrated with phase change material for floor heating

    From Energy:

    A promising form-stable phase change material composed of C/SiO2 aerogel and palmitic acid with large latent heat as short-term thermal insulation

    From Journal of Cleaner Production:

    Enhanced thermal storage capacity of paraffin/diatomite composite using oleophobic modification

    From International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing Countries:

    Storage efficiency of paraffin-LDPE-MWCNT phase change material for industrial building applications

    PCM briefing: Ph.D. opening at University of Twente; Denver thermal conference moves online

    Ben Welter - Monday, May 11, 2020

    • The University of Twente, Netherlands, has an opening for a four-year Ph.D. position in phase change materials for heat storage. "This research project will try to introduce a smart composite material which can store the heat for both short and long-term storage time," according to the posting. "This smart material will be based on inorganic salt hydrates having controllable discharging speed which is very advantageous for future smart heat batteries." The starting salary is 2,325 euros per month, plus an annual 8.3% year-end bonus.

    • Because of uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Advancements in Thermal Management conference, scheduled for Aug. 6-7 in Denver, will be held as a virtual event on the same dates. According to the conference website: "Thermal 2020 presentations will be webcast with live slide presentations, audio, and real-time Q&A. Attendees may revisit these presentations after the event via recordings delivered directly to them. Exhibit booths feature rich, virtual profiles. Networking is done all-day via video conference rooms and though scheduled 1x1 meetings." A full conference pass costs $295 through June 12.

    Peli BioThermal says air ambulance crews in Europe are transporting blood products via the company's Credo ProMed transport bags. The temperature-controlled bags are designed to protect blood products needed for transfusions at emergency scenes.

     • Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory are working to integrate a new thermal energy storage technology within CHP systems from Capstone Turbine Corp. to boost heat recovery. In the Argonne system, high-temperature PCMs are embedded within highly thermally conductive foam. The foam is then sealed with inert gas inside a module, preventing moisture or oxygen from getting inside and degrading the components.

    Research roundup: Polythioether-based PCMS; alginate encapsulation; temperature stresses in concrete pavement; more

    Ben Welter - Friday, May 08, 2020

    From European Polymer Journal:

    Extremely fast synthesis of polythioether based phase change materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage

    From Journal of Building Engineering:

    Thermal behavior analysis of hollow bricks filled with phase-change material (PCM)

    From Energies:

    FEM Applied to Building Physics: Modeling Solar Radiation and Heat Transfer of PCM Enhanced Test Cells

    From Iranian Polymer Journal:

    Encapsulation of phase change materials with alginate modified by nanostructured sodium carbonate and silicate

    From Energy & Fuels:

    Aluminium ammonium sulfate dodecahydrate with multiple additives as composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage

    From Materials Today: Proceedings:

    Evaluation and reduction of temperature stresses in concrete pavement by using phase changing material
    Optimization of Heat Energy Based on Phase Change Materials used in Solar Collector using Taguchi Method
    Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Thermal Conductivity of the Paraffin Wax using CuO Nanoparticles

    From Journal of Energy Storage:

    Novel synthesis of silica coated palmitic acid nanocapsules for thermal energy storage
    Recent progress in phase change materials storage containers: Geometries, design considerations and heat transfer improvement methods
    Effect of phase separation and supercooling on the storage capacity in a commercial latent heat thermal energy storage: Experimental cycling of a salt hydrate PCM
    Energy efficiency optimization of the waste heat recovery system with embedded phase change materials in greenhouses: A thermo-economic-environmental study
    Characterization of innovative mortars with direct incorporation of phase change materials

    From Applied Thermal Engineering:

    A trade study of a phase change system in a stratospheric airship based on a triple gasbag concept
    Experimental evaluation of structural insulated panels outfitted with phase change materials
    Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting heat transfer in a composite phase change material

    From Geothermics:

    Parametric modeling and simulation of low temperature energy storage for cold-climate multi-family residences using a geothermal heat pump system with integrated phase change material storage tank

    From Energy:

    Multi-level uncertainty optimisation on phase change materials integrated renewable systems with hybrid ventilations and active cooling
    A novel solar thermal system combining with active phase-change material heat storage wall (STS-APHSW): Dynamic model, validation and thermal performance

    From Advances in Energy Research:

    Theoretical Modeling of Phase Change Material-Based Space Heating Using Solar Energy

    From Chemical Engineering Journal:

    High latent heat and recyclable form-stable phase change materials prepared via a facile self-template method

    From Composites Part B: Engineering:

    In situ one-step construction of monolithic silica aerogel-based composite phase change materials for thermal protection

    From Solar Energy:

    Effects of external insulation component on thermal performance of a Trombe wall with phase change materials

    From Journal of Architectural Engineering:

    Experimental and Numerical Thermal Properties Investigation of Cement-Based Materials Modified with PCM for Building Construction Use

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Experimental and numerical study on the thermal performance of ventilated roof composed with multiple phase change material (VR-MPCM)

    From Construction and Building Materials:

    Multi-scale analysis on thermal properties of cement-based materials containing micro-encapsulated phase change materials

    From Applied Energy:

    D-mannitol@silica/graphene oxide nanoencapsulated phase change material with high phase change properties and thermal reliability
    Novel bio-based phase change materials with high enthalpy for thermal energy storage

    From Materials Today Energy:

    A detailed review on heat transfer rate, supercooling, thermal stability and reliability of nanoparticle dispersed organic phase change material for low-temperature applications

    From International Journal of Thermal Sciences:

    Experimental study and assessment of high-tech thermal energy storing radiant floor heating system with latent heat storage materials

    From Advanced Powder Technology:

    Paraffin core-polymer shell micro-encapsulated phase change materials and expanded graphite particles as an enhanced energy storage medium in heat exchangers

    Research roundup: Corn oil PCM in frozen food cooling machine; portable solar box cooker; expanded graphite/1-octadecanol composite; more

    Ben Welter - Saturday, March 21, 2020

    From Journal of Physics:

    Corn oil phase change material (PCM) in frozen food cooling machine to improve energy efficiency

    From Materials Today: Proceedings:

    Investigating thermal properties of Nanoparticle Dispersed Paraffin (NDP) as phase change material for thermal energy storage

    From Energy:

    Effects of fluctuating thermal sources on a shell-and-tube latent thermal energy storage during charging process

    From Solar Energy:

    Design, realization, and tests of a portable solar box cooker coupled with an erythritol-based PCM thermal energy storage
    Diversiform microstructure silicon carbides stabilized stearic acid as composite phase change materials

    From International Journal of Thermofluids:

    Investigating the performance of a thermal energy storage unit with paraffin as phase change material, targeting buildings’ cooling needs: an experimental approach

    From Journal of Cleaner Production:

    Energy and exergy analysis of wind farm integrated with compressed air energy storage using multi-stage phase change material

    From Powder Technology:

    Effect of nano-SiC on thermal properties of expanded graphite/1-octadecanol composite materials for thermal energy storage

    From Journal of Energy Storage:

    A multi-objective optimal design method for thermal energy storage systems with PCM: A case study for outdoor swimming pool heating application
    Reducing PV module temperature with radiation based PV module incorporating composite phase change material
    Numerical investigation on the effect of fin design on the melting of phase change material in a horizontal shell and tube thermal energy storage

    From Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry:

    Characterization of form-stable phase-change material for solar photovoltaic cooling

    From International Journal of Thermophysics:

    Thermophysical Properties of a Novel Nanoencapsulated Phase Change Material

    From International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer:

    Lattice Boltzmann simulation of forced convection melting of a composite phase change material with heat dissipation through an open-ended channel
    High power density thermal energy storage using additively manufactured heat exchangers and phase change material

    From Energies:

    Evaluation of the State of Charge of a Solid/Liquid Phase Change Material in a Thermal Energy Storage Tank [pdf]
    Novel Simulation Algorithm for Modeling the Hysteresis of Phase Change Materials [pdf]

    From Energy & Fuels:

    Novel shape-stabilized phase change materials based on paraffin/EPDM@graphene with high thermal conductivity and low leakage rate

    From Polymers and Polymer Composites:

    Regulating phase-change temperatures of form-stable phase-change ternary composite fibrous membranes consisting of polystyrene nanofibers and fatty acid eutectics via co-electrospinning method

    From Applied Energy:

    A design protocol for enhanced discharge exergy in phase change material heat battery
    Fabrication of heat storage pellets composed of microencapsulated phase change material for high-temperature applications
    A high-thermal-conductivity, high-durability phase-change composite using a carbon fibre sheet as a supporting matrix

    From Journal of Building Engineering:

    Preparation and characterization of metal-organic framework /microencapsulated phase change material composites for indoor hygrothermal control

    From Indoor and Built Environment:

    Numerical and experimental investigation on dynamic thermal performance of floor heating system with phase change material for thermal storage

    From Applied Clay Science:

    A triply synergistic method for palygorskite activation to effectively impregnate phase change materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage

    From Chemical Engineering Journal:

    Lignin-fatty acid hybrid nanocapsules for scalable thermal energy storage in phase-change materials

    From Construction and Building Materials:

    Phase change materials for pavement applications: A review

    From Carbohydrate Polymers:

    Shape-stabilization of polyethylene glycol phase change materials with chitin nanofibers for applications in “smart” windows

    Research roundup: Carbonized waste tires; cetyl palmitate/nickel foam; hydrated salt corrosion assessment; more

    Ben Welter - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

    From Waste Management:

    Evaluation of carbonized waste tire for development of novel shape stabilized composite phase change material for thermal energy storage

    From Journal of Energy Storage:

    Development of polyurethane foam incorporating phase change material for thermal energy storage
    Facile synthesis and thermal performance of cetyl palmitate/nickel foam composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
    Optimal sizing design and operation of electrical and thermal energy storage systems in smart buildings

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Numerical investigation of the effects of the nano-enhanced phase change materials on the thermal and electrical performance of hybrid PV/thermal systems
    Thermal storage and thermal management properties of a novel ventilated mortar block integrated with phase change material for floor heating: an experimental study

    From Applied Energy:

    Wood-based composite phase change materials with self-cleaning superhydrophobic surface for thermal energy storage

    From Renewable Energy:

    Corrosion assessment of promising hydrated salts as sorption materials for thermal energy storage systems
    Experimental study on latent thermal energy storage system with gradient porosity copper foam for mid-temperature solar energy application
    Selection of a phase change material and its thickness for application in walls of buildings for solar-assisted steam curing of precast concrete
    Experimental assessment of Phase Change Material (PCM) embedded bricks for passive conditioning in buildings

    From Applied Thermal Engineering:

    Analysis of energy retrofit system using latent heat storage materials applied to residential buildings considering climate impacts
    Experimental and numerical simulation of phase change process for paraffin/expanded graphite/ethylene-vinyl acetate ternary composite
    An experimental investigation on the evaporation of polystyrene encapsulated phase change composite material based nanofluids

    From Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells:

    Lightweight mesoporous carbon fibers with interconnected graphitic walls for supports of form-stable phase change materials with enhanced thermal conductivity

    From Energies:

    The Effects of Fin Parameters on the Solidification of PCMs in a Fin-Enhanced Thermal Energy Storage System

    From Journal of Materials Science:

    Graphene aerogel-based phase changing composites for thermal energy storage systems

    From Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology:

    A study on development of the thermal storage type plate heat exchanger including PCM layer

    From Journal of Power Sources:

    Delayed liquid cooling strategy with phase change material to achieve high temperature uniformity of Li-ion battery under high-rate discharge

    From Scientific Reports:

    Modification of asphalt mixtures for cold regions using microencapsulated phase change materials

    From ASES National Solar Conference:

    A Study on the Thermal Energy Storage System Using Multiple PCMs [pdf]

    From Molecules:

    Assessment of Thermal Performance of Textile Materials Modified with PCM Microcapsules Using Combination of DSC and Infrared Thermography Methods

    From Energy and Buildings:

    Experimental study on thermal performance of a mobilized thermal energy storage system: A case study of hydrated salt latent heat storage

    From Chemical Engineering Journal:

    Shape-stabilized hydrated salt/paraffin composite phase change materials for advanced thermal energy storage and management

    From International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer:

    A conjugate heat transfer model for unconstrained melting of macroencapsulated phase change materials subjected to external convection

    ACT is awarded a U.S. patent for PCM with tunable melt point

    Ben Welter - Friday, January 10, 2020

    Advanced Cooling Technologies of Lancaster, Pa., has been awarded a U.S. patent for a phase change material with a tunable melting point.

    The hydration level of the PCM, a salt hydrate consisting primarily of salt and water, is altered to change the melting point to a desired set point using changes in humidity of the system.

    “In an ARPA-E ARID funded program, we showed that you could change the melting point of salt hydrate phase change materials by changing the hydration levels of the salt hydrate in-situ,” Richard Bonner, ACT’s vice president for R&D, wrote in a LinkedIn post. “We also applied this technology to power plant cooling, where the seasonal variations in ambient temperature necessitate different melting points. Congratulations to the inventors: Dr. Ying Zheng, Dr. Chien-hua Chen, Dr. Howard Pearlman, and Dr. Fangyu Cao."

    ACT worked with Lehigh University and the University of Missouri to develop the PCM. The idea was prompted by ACT’s interest in utilizing seasonal shifts in weather for the company’s day/night thermal storage application. A tunable melt point allows the PCM to be more easily solidified in cold and hot seasons.

    The targeted melt temperatures in the project were from 25° C to 45° C for low-grade thermal energy storage, but could be extended to higher temperatures with other salt hydrates, the company said.

    The project was funded, in part, with a $3.2 million ARPA-E ARID grant, awarded in 2015. ARID stands for "Advanced Research in dry Cooling." The project teams were challenged to "develop innovative, high-performance air-cooled heat exchangers and supplemental cooling systems and/or cool-storage systems" for use in thermoelectric power plants, to replace existing technologies that use a substantial amount of water to cool plant condensers.

    The ARID project was completed in 2018. ACT's invention is now at the lab-scale testing phase. The most difficult hurdle, the company said, will be to scale up to commercialization level.  “From a manufacturing standpoint, shifting of the hydration level would require a large infrastructure for altering the humidity,” the company said.

    “The concept could also be applied to the HVAC industry (building comfort) to provide day/night load shifting,” the company said, “as well as PCM synthesis and preparation for a consistent product. “

    PCM briefing: Advanced Building Skins presentations are online; Ecozen raises $6 million

    Ben Welter - Monday, December 16, 2019

    • Presentations given at the 14th Conference on Advanced Building Skins in Switzerland in October are available via download for 80 euros. Among the topics: "Thermal performance of engineered wood flooring impregnated with phase-change materials," Damien Mathis, University LAVAL, Fontenay-sous-Bois, France; "Thermal comfort modelling and its impact on building energy performance," Vikram Sami, Olson Kundig, Seattle, Wash.; and "Integrated solar electric/thermal cooling system with storage," Mohannad Bayoumi, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Loughborough University researchers have been awarded funding to help with the design and development of a four-wheeled electric vehicle for research, teaching and outreach in India. Engineers at Vellore Institute of Technology and PSG College of Technology, both located in Tamil Nadu, will work with Loughborough researchers to explore the use of phase change material and other technologies to manage battery heat. The high ambient temperatures in south India and similar climates can significantly reduce battery life in electric vehicles.  

    • Energy storage specialist 1414 Degrees has announced plans to acquire SolarReserve Australia II, which owns the Aurora Solar Energy Project in South Australia and two solar sites in New South Wales. The Adelaide, Australia, company plans to use the Aurora site to build a 400 MW solar farm with thermal storage capacity of several thousand megawatt hours. The technology stores electricity as thermal energy by heating and melting containers full of silicon.

    • Agritech startup Ecozen of Pune, India, which makes portable solar cold rooms for use on small farms, has raised a total of $6 million to fuel its growth phase. The cold rooms feature a PCM-equipped thermal storage unit that can store power for more than 36 hours in case of cloudy or rainy weather.  

    Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. of Lancaster, Penn., is seeking qualified research and development engineers at various experience and education levels to work on space, defense and energy-related applications. 

    • Andreas Hauer, head of the energy storage department at ZAE Bayern (the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research) has joined the board of directors at the International Solar Energy Society.

    Research roundup: Passive cooling in buildings; honeycomb carbon fibers; leak-free aggregates; more

    Ben Welter - Monday, October 14, 2019

    From Applied Energy:

    Passive cooling through phase change materials in buildings. A critical study of implementation alternatives

    From Applied Thermal Engineering:

    Honeycomb carbon fibers strengthened composite phase change materials for superior thermal energy storage

    From e-Polymers:

    Fabrication and characterization of conductive microcapsule containing phase change material

    From Construction and Building Materials:

    Preparation and characterization of nano-SiO2/paraffin/PE wax composite shell microcapsules containing TDI for self-healing of cementitious materials
    Development of leak-free phase change material aggregates
    Behavior of cementitious mortars with direct incorporation of non-encapsulated phase change material after severe temperature exposure

    From Advanced Functional Materials:

    Engineering the Thermal Conductivity of Functional Phase‐Change Materials for Heat Energy Conversion, Storage, and Utilization

    From Journal of Energy Storage:

    A numerical investigation of the effects of metal foam characteristics and heating/cooling conditions on the phase change kinetic of phase change materials embedded in metal foam
    Applications of combined/hybrid use of heat pipe and phase change materials in energy storage and cooling systems: A recent review
    Innovative composite sorbent for thermal energy storage based on a SrBr2·6H2O filled silicone composite foam

    From ACS Applied Nano Materials:

    Concentrated Ag Nanoparticles in Dodecane as Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage

    From Materials Research Express:

    Preparation of 1-dodecanol microcapsules with cellulose nanofibers-modified melamine-formaldehyde resin as a potential phase change material

    From IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science:

    Optimisation of Parameters in Thermal Energy Storage System by Enhancing Heat Transfer in Phase Change Material

    From International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer:

    Thermal transport properties at interface of fatty acid esters enhanced with carbon-based nanoadditives

    From Journal of Solar Energy Engineering:

    Using a Novel Phase Change Material-Based Cooling Tower for a Photovoltaic Module Cooling

    From Solar Energy:

    Experimental investigation on micro-scale phase change material based on sodium acetate trihydrate for thermal storage

    From RSC Advances:

    A novel forced separation method for the preparation of paraffin with excellent phase changes

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Experimental characterisation of a novel thermal energy storage based on open-cell copper foams immersed in organic phase change material

    Research roundup: Mesoporous silica; nanoencapsulation of oleic acid PCM; flexible crosslinking; more

    Ben Welter - Friday, September 20, 2019

    From International Journal of Energy Research:

    Facile functionalized mesoporous silica using biomimetic method as new matrix for preparation of shape‐stabilized phase‐change material with improved enthalpy
    Binary mixtures of fatty alcohols and fatty acid esters as novel solid‐liquid phase change materials

    From Journal of Applied Polymer Science:

    Phase change material with flexible crosslinking for thermal energy storage

    From Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry:

    Nanoencapsulation of oleic acid phase change material with Ag2O nanoparticles-based urea formaldehyde shell for building thermal energy storage

    From Renewable Energy:

    Enhanced properties of diatomite-based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage

    From Energy:

    Perspectives for short-term thermal energy storage using salt hydrates for building heating
    Design and construction of mesoporous silica/n-eicosane phase-change nanocomposites for supercooling depression and heat transfer enhancement
    Numerical investigations on performance of phase change material Trombe wall in building

    From Energy and Buildings:

    Potential of energy flexible buildings: evaluation of DSM strategies using building thermal mass
    Numerical analysis in a full-scale thermal energy storage tank with dual PCM capsules

    From Applied Thermal Engineering:

    Experimental determination and fractal modeling of the effective thermal conductivity of autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) impregnated with paraffin for improved thermal storage performance
    Preparation and characterization of new nano-particle mixed as thermal storage material
    Numerical investigation on integrated thermal management for a lithium-ion battery module with a composite phase change material and liquid cooling

    From Chemical Engineering Journal:

    Fatty Amines/Graphene Sponge Form-Stable Phase Change Material Composites with Exceptionally High Loading Rates and Energy Density for Thermal Energy Storage

    From MATEC Web of Conferences:

    Thermal conductivity of aerated concrete (AC) composites containing micro-encapsulated phase change materials [pdf]
    Overheating mitigation in buildings: a computational exploration of the potential of phase change materials [pdf]

    From Solar Energy:

    Experimental study on the thermal performance of capric acid-myristyl alcohol/expanded perlite composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage

    From Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells:

    Graphitization as efficient inhibitor of the carbon steel corrosion by molten binary nitrate salt for thermal energy storage at concentrated solar power
    A strategy for designing microencapsulated composite phase change thermal storage materials with tunable melting temperature

    From Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers 2019 Summer Conference:

    Thermal Management System in Electric vehicle Battery Pack Using Phase Change Material

    From Materials Chemistry and Physics:

    Preparation and thermal properties of n-eicosane/nano-SiO2/expanded graphite composite phase-change material for thermal energy storage

    From Sustainable Cities and Society:

    Simulative optimization on energy saving performance of phase change panels with different phase transition temperatures

    From Thermochimica Acta:

    The stability and thermophysical properties of a thermal fluid containing surface-functionalized nanoencapsulated PCM

    From International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer:

    Functionalized mesoporous silica as matrix for shape-stabilized phase change materials

    From Applied Energy:

    Synthesis and characterization of microencapsulated sodium sulfate decahydrate as phase change energy storage materials

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Prototype latent heat storage system with aluminum-silicon as a phase change material and a Stirling engine for electricity generation

    From Journal of Solar Energy Engineering:

    Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Room Temperature Control in Buildings by the Implementation of Phase Change Material in the Roof
    Suitability Assessment and Experimental Characterization of Phase Change Materials for Energy Conservation in Indian Buildings

    Research roundup: Corrosion effect of Micronal PCMs; photovoltaic-thermal system optimization; diatomite-based composite; more

    Ben Welter - Monday, September 09, 2019

    From Renewable Energy and Sustainable Buildings:

    Study of Corrosion Effect of Micronal® Phase Change Materials (PCM) with Different Metal Samples
    Use of Phase Change Materials for Solar Systems Applications
    Performance Optimization of Concentrated Photovoltaic-Thermal (CPV-T) System Employing Phase Change Material (PCM) in Hot Climate

    From Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics:

    Investigation for a Phase Change Immersion Cooling System

    From Energy Conversion and Management:

    Experimental study of active phase change cooling technique based on porous media for photovoltaic thermal management and efficiency enhancement

    From Renewable Energy:

    Enhanced properties of diatomite-based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
    Hybrid thermal energy storage with phase change materials for solar domestic hot water applications: Direct versus indirect heat exchange systems

    From Journal of Applied Polymer Science:

    Surface modification of MWCNT and its influence on properties of paraffin/MWCNT nanocomposites as phase change material

    From Energy and Buildings:

    Energy and emissions analysis of ice thermal energy storage in the western US
    Thermal energy storage characterization of cementitious composites made with Recycled Brick Aggregates containing PCM

    From Solar Energy:

    Innovative passive heat-storage walls improve thermal performance and energy efficiency in Chinese solar greenhouses for non-arable lands

    From Construction and Building Materials:

    Development of structural thermal energy storage concrete using paraffin intruded lightweight aggregate with nano-refined modified encapsulation paste layer

    From Applied Energy:

    A comprehensive review on positive cold energy storage technologies and applications in air conditioning with phase change materials

    From International Journal of Energy Research:

    Preparation and characterization of nano‐enhanced myristic acid using metal oxide nanoparticles for thermal energy storage
    Performance comparison of different combined heat and compressed air energy storage systems integrated with organic Rankine cycle

    From xPRESS Polymer Letters:

    Editorial corner – a personal view / Thermal management with polymer composites

    From International Symposium on Asphalt Pavement & Environment:

    Impregnation of Lightweight Aggregate Particles with Phase Change Material for Its Use in Asphalt Mixtures

    From Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology:

    Development of new inorganic shape stabilized phase change materials with LiNO3 and LiCl salts by sol-gel method

    From Advanced Functional Materials:

    Functional Soft Composites As Thermal Protecting Substrates for Wearable Electronics