Entropy Solutions develops shape-stabilized versions of 2 PureTemp PCMs03-Aug-2016

The "gelled" material maintains its shape even as the PCM cycles between solid and liquid form. ..

Vesl adds 4 high-performance containment options for PureTemp phase change material22-Feb-2016

MatVesl, CanVesl, TubeVesl and PackVesl are designed to transfer thermal energy efficiently in a wid..

Entropy Solutions joins RAL Quality Association PCM12-Jan-2016

The international group, formed in 2004, promotes the use of high-quality phase change material and ..

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Thank you for your interest in PureTemp phase change materials. Please consult our PCM FAQ for general information on phase change materials. For more detailed product specific information, reference our technical and safety data sheets. For additional technical guidance, please complete the form below.

PureTemp product samples are available in one gallon or five-gallon containers and range from four to thirty-five pounds. To order sample quantities, visit PureTemp's OctoChem store. Pricing is $12 or $24 per pound, depending on quantity.

Note: Commercial quantities of PureTemp products are typically packaged in 55-gallon drums or intermediate bulk containers. Pricing generally ranges from $2 to $5 per pound, depending upon the PureTemp product and quantity purchased.

For information on microencapsulated PureTemp, contact one of our containment partners, Encapsys or Microtek Laboratories.