Entropy Solutions develops shape-stabilized versions of 2 PureTemp PCMs03-Aug-2016

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Vesl adds 4 high-performance containment options for PureTemp phase change material22-Feb-2016

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Entropy Solutions joins RAL Quality Association PCM12-Jan-2016

The international group, formed in 2004, promotes the use of high-quality phase change material and ..

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Entropy Solutions is 'Top Technology Provider of the Year'


Minneapolis-based thermal technology development company awarded top prize for Greenbox at Cool Chain Europe.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Entropy Solutions, Inc., a thermal technology development company, has been awarded the “Top Technology Provider of the Year” designation by industry organization Pharma IQ. They accepted the award at the Cool Chain Europe industry conference in Brussels.

Entropy’s revolutionary flagship product, the Greenbox Thermal Management System, uses the company's patented PureTemp phase change technology to keep temperature-sensitive products at a consistent temperature for more than five days. Entropy introduced Greenbox to the life sciences industry in 2007 and followed it up by debuting the Greenbox Inflater Pack, a PureTemp-enabled single-dose shipper this past fall. Both Greenbox and the Inflater Pack allow companies to provide necessary thermal protection for life-saving drugs while dramatically reducing freight costs and packaging waste. Companies such as Walmart Specialty Pharmacy, Abbott Laboratories and Medtronic are using Entropy’s products to ship pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood supplies.

“Greenbox, with PureTemp, is changing the way life science companies do business, and we are honored to receive this award from the life science industry,” said Eric Lindquist, president of Entropy Solutions. “PureTemp has the ability to improve lives – shipping life-saving pharmaceuticals, advancing medical discoveries, helping consumers save on home energy costs and providing comfort through textile applications.”

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About Entropy Solutions Inc. 

Entropy Solutions Inc. is a thermal technology development company with its global offices based in Minneapolis, Minn. The company’s mission is to provide innovative, cost-effective, temperature-controlled packaging and shipping solutions for the transport and distribution of temperature-sensitive products throughout the world. Entropy Solutions’ Greenbox technology is an innovative and next-generation passive thermal breakthrough in cost-effective, highly efficient shipping containers, intended for cold chain operations. Using patented phase change technology, Greenbox is capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for record durations. The company’s primary focus is the life science, pharmaceutical and medical industries, where the ability to maintain global regulators’ mandated temperatures during the transport and delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood products are crucial to saving lives and advancing medical discoveries.