PureTemp biodegradability reports


Biobased PureTemp belongs to the only category of phase change materials that are considered to be readily biodegradable. PureTemp PCMs will fully decompose within months of being introduced into the environment and will not produce long-term negative impacts on the environment.

A representative range of PureTemp PCMs have undergone independent analysis by Situ Biosciences of Skokie, Illinois. The results show that PureTemp PCMs are classified as either readily biodegradable (per OECD 301B) or biodegradable (per ASTM D6400).

  Test standard  Year tested 
PureTemp 4 OECD 301B 2012
PureTemp 8 OECD 301B 2011
PureTemp 18 ASTM D6400 2012
PureTemp 23 ASTM D6400 2011
PureTemp 24 ASTM D6400 2011
PureTemp 28 ASTM D6400 2012
PureTemp 29 ASTM D6400 2011
PureTemp 33 ASTM D6400 2012
PureTemp 37 ASTM D6400 2011