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Glacier Tek cooling vests

29-Nov-2014 Glacier Tek cooling vest


Firefighters, outdoorsmen, soldiers, industrial workers and athletes have at least one hazard in common: In warmer climates, they often find themselves at the mercy of extreme heat. Hot environments can sap energy, inhibit mental clarity, hinder performance and cause serious health problems, including dehydration and heat stroke. In many situations, bulky protective gear compounds the problem.


We use USDA BioPreferred PureTemp phase change materials to power our Glacier Tek cooling vests, which keep military, police and industrial personnel at a comfortable temperature when working in intensely hot environments. PureTemp enables our Chilly Dog vest to do the same for working dogs who must stay cool to maintain a sharp sense of smell.”

Ray Booska, Glacier Tek founder



the year the Original Cool Vest hit the market.


number of Glacier Tek vests shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan for use by the U.S. military.


the PureTemp product that powers the cooling vests

In the mid-1990s, Glacier Tek developed a cooling vest that uses biobased phase change material to absorb heat generated by the wearer. Even in the most extreme heat, The Original Cool Vest maintains a comfortable 59°F/15°C and, unlike vests that use ice or gel packs, never over-cools. It keeps the wearer comfortable for up to 2½ hours in 100°F/37°C heat and recharges in minutes.

The Minnesota company offers a wide range of cooling vests powered by PureTemp. All are made using natural ingredients that are bio-based, recyclable and contain no hazardous ingredients. The product line includes:

  • The new Flex Vest, featuring a soft, high-quality fabric that stretches to comfortably fit the body. Available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.
  • The Classic Cool Vest, featuring side elastic straps and over-the-shoulder adjustability to fit a wide range of body sizes. It can easily be cleaned in the laundry and weighs about 4 pounds/1.8 kg.
  • The Sports Cool Vest, featuring over-the-shoulder and double side strap adjustability and a heavy duty front zipper.
  • Cool Armor protects the wearers of body armor from heat stress caused by this additional protective layer. It fits comfortably under all major brands of body armor without modification.
  • The Concealable Cool Vest is designed with discreet comfort in mind. It can be worn under regular street clothes and while not completely invisible, it is certainly inconspicuous.
  • The ChillyDog Cool Vest is designed to help K-9, military and other dogs beat the heat. And Chilly Pup is available for smaller dogs.