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PepsiCo's Food for Good Cold Box20-Nov-2014

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PepsiCo's Food for Good Cold Box

29-Nov-2014 Cold Box in use


More than 30 million American children receive low or no-cost lunches during the school year. These children are eligible for similar government programs during the summer, but fewer than 3 million have access. During the school year, kids can take the bus to schools where lunch is served. During the summer, food must be taken to kids where they live. It is a complex logistical challenge to deliver perishable meals to so many children dispersed across underserved neighborhoods. What would it take to efficiently deliver millions of cold lunches and maintain them at the temperatures required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture?


Entropy offers a broad range of temperatures with their PureTemp phase change materials. This provides PepsiCo with a tremendous amount of opportunity to develop both hot and cold systems to cost-effectively deliver meals to millions of school-aged children through our Food for Good program.”

Brad Rodgers, PepsiCo research and development director



the PureTemp formulation used


number of U.S. locations served by the program in 2017

80 million

number of meals served since the program was established in 2009

In partnership with the USDA, state agencies and local nonprofits, PepsiCo established the Food for Good program in 2009. Refrigerated trucks were used in the first few years, but that expense limited the program’s reach. In 2010, PepsiCo’s Advanced Research team began working with experts at Entropy Solutions to adapt the technology behind Entropy’s Greenbox thermal shipping system. They created the Cold Box, an inexpensive and reusable container that keeps food at a safe temperature for hours without the use of refrigerated trucks. Powered by PureTemp 1, the first Cold Boxes were field-tested in 2011. The Cold Box performed well in record heat that summer, and its use has expanded each year since. As a result, more meals are being served. And fewer children are going hungry.